About Scierie Ferland - A handed down tradition from father to sons
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Scierie Ferland
A Handed Down tradition from father to sons.

Ayer’s Cliff 1951: Arthur Ferland and his wife Suzanne are building a sawmill on Clough street and will live there until 1958. During that period,  business is thriving, demand is high and local employment is created to better serve the new clientele.

In 1959, the demand keeps growing and the couple purchase a farm where they move the sawmill to take advantage of the new and better suited location; 1245 Main Street, Ayer’s Cliff will be and will remain Ferland Sawmill’s new address. New equipment is added and the sawmill can offer a wide variety of spruce building material. Purchasing Logs, Mr. Ferland is really selective, choosing only what follows his high standards of cut and age.

From a young age, the Ferland children, Rémy and Onil, are involved in the business operations. They decide to both take over the business when Mr. Ferland retires towards the end of the Seventies. To this day, Rémy and Onil still respect and maintain the high standards and savoir-faire established by their father in the selection, handling and drying processes of all timber products. Undoubtedly, these standards are what made the reputation of Scierie Ferland when it comes to offer a product of superior quality.