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Scierie Ferland – A little bit of history

Ayer’s Cliff 1951: Arthur Ferland and his wife Suzanne are building a sawmill on Clough street and will live there for the next seven years. In 1959, the demand keeps growing and the couple purchase a farm where they move the sawmill to take advantage of the new and better suited location; 1245 Main Street, Ayer’s Cliff will be and will remain Ferland Sawmill’s new address. The Ferland children, Rémy and Onil, are involved in the business operations and decide to both take over the business when Mr. Ferland retires towards the end of the Seventies.

An evolution that continues

In 2020, Jasmin Côté becomes the new owner of Scierie Ferland, still carefully respecting and maintaining the high standards and savoir-faire established through the years, in the selection, handling and drying processes of all timber products. Undoubtedly, these standards are what made the reputation of Scierie Ferland when it comes to offer a product of superior quality.

Our products

Scierie Ferland inc. distinguishes itself from the competition by the quality of its transformed products. The superior quality comes from a great knowledge of wood and its characteristics and from and exceptional expertise, acquired through many decades. Furthermore, Scierie Ferland Inc. solely harvests locally sourced trees within a radius of 40km from our facility and processes its products without any chemical agents.

A process that makes a difference
  • Our sawmill only purchases personnally selected logs, mainly harvested in Winter.
  • The sawn lumber is then air dried 6 months to a year before a further and a final drying stage in our kiln. This procedure ensures the preservation of the natural grain and results in a product of choice for interior and exterior finish.