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Our Products
A superior quality

Scierie Ferland inc. distinguishes itself from the competition by the quality of its transformed products. The superior quality comes from a great knowledge of wood and its characteristics and from and exceptional expertise, acquired through many decades. Furthermore, Scierie Ferland Inc. solely harvests locally sourced trees within a radius of 40km from our facility and processes its products without any chemical agents.

A process that makes a difference
  • Our sawmill only purchases personnally selected logs, mainly harvested in Winter.
  • The logs are transformed immediately upon arrival to our facilties.
  • The sawn lumber is then air dried 6 months to a year before a further and a final drying stage in our kiln. This procedure ensures the preservation of the natural grain and results in a product of choice for interior and exterior finish.
Quick Products Overview

Type of wood

Choose from our selection of softwood to suit your project best : White Eastern Cedar, White Pine, White Spruce, Balsam Fir and Eastern Hemlock.


Custom orders

Scierie Ferland gives you the possibility of having your order prepared following your dimensions and specifications.

Types of uses

Pine flooring, Cedar decking, Pine, Cedar, Spruce wood panelling, Shiplap, Cladboard siding etc.

Oil for wood

Treat your floors or furniture with our oils for wood (Prato-Verde, Finico, Tried & True or Lifetime) to protect or rejuvenate them.

Adirondack Chairs and Tables

We build garden cedar furniture on-site, ready to stain or already oiled for you.